Salma w Sari
Salma and Sari come home after the wedding party. Sari is prepared for a happy wedding night, but Salma doesn’t share his enthusiasm.
Zeit w Za’tar
Sari tries to win Salma over on their first day as a married couple.. Salma receives an offer to exhibit her photos. Meanwhile, Sari’s friends are cooking up a plan for revenge.
The Camera
Salma’s dreams are starting to become a reality. As the situation at home remains awkward, Sari turns to his father for advice.
Jameel and Laith spy on Ali and Mahdi and discover something interesting. Salma makes an expensive purchase and Sari is not impressed.
The relationship between the young couple is improving. Salma is preparing for the exhibition and receives an offer she can’t refuse. But what will this mean for the budding romance?
The Revenge
Sari and his friends try to take revenge on Ali and Mahdi. The outcome could have disastrous implications for the boys.
Everything was going fine
Love is in the air during Salma’s exhibition, until Sari lashes out when Salma’s secret is revealed.
What Is Love?
In the aftermath of the exhibition, Sari reflects on what kind of man he’s become. Salma wonders if she can, or should, forgive him.
A New Beginning
Salma chooses between Sari, or following her dreams.