Salma w Sari
Salma is studying for her tawjihi exams, but this doesn’t stop her from exploring her passion for photography. Sari’s mum looks for answers about Salma.
The phone call
Salma’s mother receives a phone call. It’s Tahani.. She asks for Salma’s hand in marriage, on behalf of Sari. Salma uploads the photo of her grandmother on her account which receives world-wide acclaim.
She’s still young
Salma and Ruba argue. Ruba discusses the marriage proposal with her mother, Ibtisam. They talk about the mystery of Salma’s father.
Tahani keeps calling Ruba for an answer. Salma and Muna finish their tawjihi exams and go out to celebrate.
Forget the past, await the future
Salma and Muna visit the elderly house where Muna volunteers. Salma has an idea for a project. Ruba decides to close a sad chapter of her life. Salma reveals her plans for her future to her mum, but Ruba will not accept this news.
Black and White
Salma starts her project and takes portraits of the elderly people at the senior home. Meanwhile, Ibtisam, has a project of her own.
Whose wedding?
Ruba receives an alarming call from the bank. Salma learns of her mothers’ plans for her.
The scandal
Salma continues her project at the nursing home. The nursing home director walks into the photoshoot and misunderstands the situation. Ruba is furious and makes a life altering decision for her daughter.
It’s Not Love, It’s Selfishness
Salma tries to convince her mother to support her dream. Ruba is convinced the best thing for Salma is to be married.
Oh, Really?
Salma realizes that the only way she can pursue her dreams is to leave her family’s house. The three ladies get ready to meet Sari’s family.