Salma w Sari
Do you race?
Jameel, Sari’s friend, has a brand new car. As they take it out for a spin, they meet two guys who challenge them to a race. Meanwhile, Sari’s family has decided the time has come for him to get married.
Browsing the catalogues
Sari and his friends make a decision about the race. His mum sends him to deliver a cake with an ulterior motive. She’s up to something.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
Sari and his friends meet Ali and Mahdi in the Jericho desert for the race. The weather is hot. Tension is high.
The younger the better
Sari is angry at Jameel. Laith tries to settle things between them. Sari’s mum arranges her schedule to meet prospective brides. Sari’s father gives him some advice on how to deal with women.
Pink gear
Sari and his parents meet Jiji, a possible bride chosen for him. Meanwhile, Jameel and Leith are waiting for Sari for the second race.
The three boys meet Ali and Mahdi for a second change to win a race. Sari’s father is angry , he wants to know why his focus is not at work.
Flip flops of the revolution
Sari and his friends go to Friday prayers. Laith has a bad surprise. Sari and Laith urge Jameel to set a third race. Jameel hits on a girl in the street but her reaction leaves him speechless.
Isn’t there love at first sight?
While Sari is working at the garage, a woman arrives with her daughter. He recognizes her as the girl he met the previous day. He wishes he can meet her again but his mother has another plan.
The last race
Sari and his friends run the third race. One way or another, this will be their last.
It’s my Life
Sari’s mom discovers the truth about Salma’s family. Sari receives a surprise visit at the garage.