Salma w Sari
Salma and Sari is about two young Palestinians who find themselves in a situation they weren’t ready for. The series is set in East Jerusalem, where life under Israeli occupation is stressful and pressure leads to aggression.  Their friends and family make it difficult for them to make their own decisions and follow their dreams. Salma is only eighteen. She grew up without a father, and pressure on her mother to protect Salma from society grows. Salma has a passion for photography, and struggles to convince her mother to support her goals. She has to take matters into her own hands, to follow her dreams, whatever the cost. Sari didn’t go to college and works at his family business. He’s good at what he does, but that’s not good enough for his family. As he reaches the age of twenty four, his family insists it’s time to marry and start a family. Sari’s friends have different plans for him. They are young, bored, and love cars. And you know what that means… trouble!    This creative drama for social change is set in East Jerusalem and other areas in the West Bank. It was created by Oxfam, produced by Artlab, with funding from the EU. The series is part of  a project called Wujood, implemented by four Palestinian organizations, working with communities in East Jerusalem to strengthen youth identity, support women’s rights and economic empowerment, and improve emergency response.